Timeless Fashion Design Wardrobe Classics

No matter what age, every woman wants to look her personal best. There are certain timeless fashion design wardrobe classic pieces that are always in style and are excellent taste. It is also important for each woman to take into account her own body type when assessing which fashion design is most appropriate. The following are some timeless wardrobe fashion design classics that are always a great choice:
Wrap Dress
The wrap dress is a fashion design favorite among curvy women with a defined waistline. This is because the wrap dress emphasizes the waist while clinging attractively to other curvy areas. A wrap dress in a solid color can be slimming. In order to appear thinner, select a darker color such as brown or black.

Hermes Scarf
An Hermes scarf epitomizes timeless fashion design chic. It is a detail, an accessory that is a true eye- catcher. Hermes scarves may be worn for any occasion and by women of all ages. Get Hermes scarves in many colors and prints in order to greatly enhance the wardrobe.

Black Cashmere Turtleneck
A black cashmere turtleneck is a fashion design wardrobe “must.” Wearing a black cashmere turtleneck really has the effect of emphasizing the bones in the face. It is a minimalist look that produces maximum impact. Each wardrobe should have several black cashmere sweaters as a staple.

Pencil Skirt
A tightly fitting pencil skirt always makes a statement. The pencil skirt is a fashion design that flatters most figures. In order to appear slimmer, select a dark color and ensure that the pencil skirt “hits” the leg at a place that is flattering to the figure. Pair a pencil skirt with a white button down shirt for a classic look.

These timeless fashion design selections are always in good taste. These are some ways to wear the most timeless fashion design wardrobe classics. Try wearing a wrap dress. Make sure the wardrobe contains Hermes scarves. Black cashmere turtlenecks are flattering to most, as are the classic fashion design pencil skirts.

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How to Plan a Design Scheme for the Nursery that Your Baby Won’t Grow Out Of

Some parents view having a baby as an opportunity to go a bit wild with colour, and decorate the nursery in lots of bright reds, yellows and blues. Still others prefer a more neutral colour scheme. On the Internet, there are lots of design ideas featuring children’s characters and fairy-tale design schemes for the nursery. More timeless and neutral design ideas for a nursery are not so common. This guide aims to provide some design ideas for a nursery or child’s room that are both appealing to kids and stylish.

There are many ways to bring a spirit of childhood to a room without drawing cartoon characters on the walls. Paint is an excellent, inexpensive way to create a soft look. Opt for light neutral rather than dark or bright colours. Some colours that look soft and classic in a nursery include: Apple Green, Buff White, Pale Lilac, and Cornflower.

You can also add soft touches such as sheer voile curtains or tapestry cushions. A pretty quilt or wall hanging will appeal to children and also looks stylish.

Using elegant petite furniture is another way to add style to a children’s nursery. For instance, a small vintage chest of drawers or an antique child’s chair can look great in a child’s room. Don’t include furniture that is too large or bulky to maintain a feeling of lightness.

Provide adequate storage in a child’s room for toys, games and stuffed animals. Keeping these items neatly stored keeps them from overpowering the space. For instance, a classic wood toy chest or shelf lends style to the room.

Plan your design so that they can be easily adjusted as your baby or child gets older. Don’t spend as much on certain furnishings that are age specific, such as a children’s bedspread. That way, you can afford to invest more on furnishings that will last you longer, such as flooring.

In light of all these ideas, always consider safety first. Heavy furniture, small beads, etc. can present dangers to small children. Safety is paramount when designing a nursery or child’s room.

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Samsung High – Design 23″ Flat-Panel LCD HDTV Review

When I was searching for a new television, I was faced with several problems. One of them was the size restraints I was working with. You see, I was only looking for a secondary television, one that could go in my bedroom. Thus, I was working with a limited amount of room. Another problem that I was faced with, was the fact that a lot of smaller televisions don’t have great features, and their picture quality isn’t great either. However, upon my research, I found one television that really blew me away with its picture quality and the features that came along with it. I thought that I was looking at the spec sheet for a massive television, however, when I found out the size I was extremely excited. I am talking about the Samsung High-Design 23″ Flat-Panel LCD HDTV Monitor, Model: LN-S2352W.
Some of the features that this television has is it’s size. This finely tuned TV has a 23″ screen, which makes it absolutely perfect for a bedroom, home office, master bath and the kitchen. The picture quality is extremely crisp, and this is due to the 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, which supports 720p signals. This television also is HD-Ready, meaning that if you have high-definition cable or satellite, than you can instantly plug the set-top box into this TV, and you will be able to instantly watch HD programming. However, there is a feature that is often looked over, but is one of the most common-sense features I have seen. There is a built-in NTSC tuner, which allows you to watch conventional analog TV.

Another great feature is the 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, which will give you the exact same look as if you were in the movies, which is really cool to see on a 23″ television. Seeing that this is an LCD television, many people have reservations about even looking at it. This is because LCD TV’s from the past have had that weird ‘quirk’ about them. If you were to sit or stand at an angle that wasn’t quite right, than your viewing experience would be greatly hindered by the screen turning really dark and fuzzy. However, this LCD television has a 170-degree vertical and horizontal viewing angles. This means that you won’t have to worry about sitting in a certain spot to watch the television in all of its splendor, now, everywhere you sit you’ll have a great view. This is one reason why I love this TV as a secondary television. And, this is also why it makes a perfect TV for an office waiting room.

This television also comes with a 4H comb filter, which actually improves color and edge detailing within the picture. This makes your picture quality extremely crisp and clear, adding to the amazement that is this television. Also, this TV uses progressive scanning, which improves your viewing experience immensely when you use progressive-scan DVD players, set-top boxes and other progressive-scanning electronics. Also, you can plug your PC into this television via the PC video input, which will let you show your PowerPoint presentations in HD quality. Another great features it eh 2 built-in 3W speakers that implement a Dual Acoustic Chamber System, or D.A.C.S., which acts as a volume leveler that actually moves the volume up or down during commercial breaks and when your surfing between channels.

As you can see, this television has some of the coolest features, mainly features that you would find on a much large, and much more expensive, television. However, you can get all of them within this 23″ television. If you are looking for a secondary television, for whatever reason, I highly suggest looking at this one. You will be very surprised once you see this TV in action. You may like it so much, your secondary TV just might become your main television.

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HGTV’s Design Star: Season 2

Design Star’, described by HGTV as a nation-wide search for an interior design champion, returns. The show presents a reality challenge and competition between ten novice designers of United States . Last years’ show was hosted by Clive Pearse, a great designer and anchor of the prime time show ‘design to sell’.

This season of ‘Design Star’ will be hosted by David Bromstad, last year’s design-star. David’s new challenge is hosting a great reality show in a national channel. ‘Making of design star’ with David is already on air as a four-part series. Works of participants will be judged by a panel of acclaimed designers. The deadline for the submission of the application for contestants is December 1st 2006. Only those who prove their eligibility to be a designer will qualify to compete in the show.

The challenge starts off with ten talented designers. Nine of them will be eliminated in different episodes of Design Star as one of the contestants wins the stardom. Limited time, the deadline pressures and the low budget allotted to each designer participant makes this show extremely exciting and challenging. Since designers are being put to test and burdened with extreme pressures, it demands hardwork, perseverance and rational thinking from them.

The last season of Design Star has been ranked top as nation’s favourite reality show in the survey of Reality TV Magazine. As the interactive reality shows are gaining popularity, Design Star series also gives its audience a chance to voice their opinion and to vote for their favourite designer. Who will be the next design star? Lets wait and watch.

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Will China Decide to Designate the Number 8 as an Unlucky Number?

It doesn’t have to be said that the fortitude of the Chinese people is beyond extraordinary in a time when earthquakes are plaguing their well-being. But you’re hearing an astounding thing there lately as they yet again try to get back to normal after a devastating earthquake that thankfully didn’t hit during the Beijing Olympics. That astounding thing is the Chinese people admitting that this year is one of the worst in a long time for them; yes, the year 2008 when the number 8 is in their ancient philosophy of representing good fortune. Of course, the Olympics seemed to hold up their belief that the number 8 can bring good things. You have to give the idea some credit when the Olympics seemed to be so perfect that it was either your choice of happy circumstance or divine intervention.
But what does it mean now when China has to endure the horror of another earthquake at the time of this writing in the Sichuan province? Many of them are admitting to the media that they know how to play piano, and they’re not sure how they’re going to recover from this one when the first Sichuan quake that killed an astounding 70,000 people almost brought the people there to the breaking point. You have to feel for the people when China is so seismically active that it’ll probably just continue to happen in the immediate future. And it gives some question to the meaning of the number 8 for them when they still hold steadfast to the belief of the number’s good qualities.

Perhaps this will start some personal investigations by the people there into whether numerology really has any merit despite a lot of the numbers they’ve designated as lucky eerily holding up when you line them up with their history.To show you just how much the number 8 has meant for China, someone actually paid over a quarter of a million dollars once to take the phone number 8888-8888 (yes, they have eight digits there from our seven) as their own. Ironically, the number seven in China is our equivalent to how we view the metaphorical 6 (or 666) in Christianity. Seven for them is akin to opening the gates of hell and evil spirits having a field day at making everything and anything go wrong.

It kind of makes you wonder then if the numbers 7 and 8 need to be switched around there.Well, that probably won’t happen because of China’s adamant respect of their ancient traditions that won’t waver from numerology. Perhaps they’ll be able to justify horrible earthquakes happening in an 8 year based on a combination of numbers that they also believe can cause different situations. Adding that number 7 with an 8 would give the thought of evil spirits co-existing with good fortune-hence bring China’s legendary Yin amp; Yang concept to the fore.

In fact, you can add that concept to any time or country, including right here in America. No matter the differences of religion between China and America, there probably would be universal agreement that horrible things can happen concurrently with something good. The Olympics operate on those grounds every single time. We’ll hope that 2009 gives China some long-lasting peace for once. They’re probably expecting that, because the number 9 represents something good happening that lasts a long time. That might mean a lot of different things for the Chinese (both in the areas of the physical and the profound), even though they’ll have to expect that numbers won’t always tell every little detail of what could happen.

If they do that number combination to understand the loss of life in 2008, perhaps they’ll also consider the other meanings of 8 in the world. I’m sure it’s not lost on China that a sideways 8 has one of the most profound meanings of any number, especially during a time when there’s astounding loss of life: Infinity…

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