How to Plan a Design Scheme for the Nursery that Your Baby Won’t Grow Out Of

Some parents view having a baby as an opportunity to go a bit wild with colour, and decorate the nursery in lots of bright reds, yellows and blues. Still others prefer a more neutral colour scheme. On the Internet, there are lots of design ideas featuring children’s characters and fairy-tale design schemes for the nursery. More timeless and neutral design ideas for a nursery are not so common. This guide aims to provide some design ideas for a nursery or child’s room that are both appealing to kids and stylish.

There are many ways to bring a spirit of childhood to a room without drawing cartoon characters on the walls. Paint is an excellent, inexpensive way to create a soft look. Opt for light neutral rather than dark or bright colours. Some colours that look soft and classic in a nursery include: Apple Green, Buff White, Pale Lilac, and Cornflower.

You can also add soft touches such as sheer voile curtains or tapestry cushions. A pretty quilt or wall hanging will appeal to children and also looks stylish.

Using elegant petite furniture is another way to add style to a children’s nursery. For instance, a small vintage chest of drawers or an antique child’s chair can look great in a child’s room. Don’t include furniture that is too large or bulky to maintain a feeling of lightness.

Provide adequate storage in a child’s room for toys, games and stuffed animals. Keeping these items neatly stored keeps them from overpowering the space. For instance, a classic wood toy chest or shelf lends style to the room.

Plan your design so that they can be easily adjusted as your baby or child gets older. Don’t spend as much on certain furnishings that are age specific, such as a children’s bedspread. That way, you can afford to invest more on furnishings that will last you longer, such as flooring.

In light of all these ideas, always consider safety first. Heavy furniture, small beads, etc. can present dangers to small children. Safety is paramount when designing a nursery or child’s room.