Samsung High – Design 23″ Flat-Panel LCD HDTV Review

When I was searching for a new television, I was faced with several problems. One of them was the size restraints I was working with. You see, I was only looking for a secondary television, one that could go in my bedroom. Thus, I was working with a limited amount of room. Another problem that I was faced with, was the fact that a lot of smaller televisions don’t have great features, and their picture quality isn’t great either. However, upon my research, I found one television that really blew me away with its picture quality and the features that came along with it. I thought that I was looking at the spec sheet for a massive television, however, when I found out the size I was extremely excited. I am talking about the Samsung High-Design 23″ Flat-Panel LCD HDTV Monitor, Model: LN-S2352W.
Some of the features that this television has is it’s size. This finely tuned TV has a 23″ screen, which makes it absolutely perfect for a bedroom, home office, master bath and the kitchen. The picture quality is extremely crisp, and this is due to the 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, which supports 720p signals. This television also is HD-Ready, meaning that if you have high-definition cable or satellite, than you can instantly plug the set-top box into this TV, and you will be able to instantly watch HD programming. However, there is a feature that is often looked over, but is one of the most common-sense features I have seen. There is a built-in NTSC tuner, which allows you to watch conventional analog TV.

Another great feature is the 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, which will give you the exact same look as if you were in the movies, which is really cool to see on a 23″ television. Seeing that this is an LCD television, many people have reservations about even looking at it. This is because LCD TV’s from the past have had that weird ‘quirk’ about them. If you were to sit or stand at an angle that wasn’t quite right, than your viewing experience would be greatly hindered by the screen turning really dark and fuzzy. However, this LCD television has a 170-degree vertical and horizontal viewing angles. This means that you won’t have to worry about sitting in a certain spot to watch the television in all of its splendor, now, everywhere you sit you’ll have a great view. This is one reason why I love this TV as a secondary television. And, this is also why it makes a perfect TV for an office waiting room.

This television also comes with a 4H comb filter, which actually improves color and edge detailing within the picture. This makes your picture quality extremely crisp and clear, adding to the amazement that is this television. Also, this TV uses progressive scanning, which improves your viewing experience immensely when you use progressive-scan DVD players, set-top boxes and other progressive-scanning electronics. Also, you can plug your PC into this television via the PC video input, which will let you show your PowerPoint presentations in HD quality. Another great features it eh 2 built-in 3W speakers that implement a Dual Acoustic Chamber System, or D.A.C.S., which acts as a volume leveler that actually moves the volume up or down during commercial breaks and when your surfing between channels.

As you can see, this television has some of the coolest features, mainly features that you would find on a much large, and much more expensive, television. However, you can get all of them within this 23″ television. If you are looking for a secondary television, for whatever reason, I highly suggest looking at this one. You will be very surprised once you see this TV in action. You may like it so much, your secondary TV just might become your main television.