Will China Decide to Designate the Number 8 as an Unlucky Number?

It doesn’t have to be said that the fortitude of the Chinese people is beyond extraordinary in a time when earthquakes are plaguing their well-being. But you’re hearing an astounding thing there lately as they yet again try to get back to normal after a devastating earthquake that thankfully didn’t hit during the Beijing Olympics. That astounding thing is the Chinese people admitting that this year is one of the worst in a long time for them; yes, the year 2008 when the number 8 is in their ancient philosophy of representing good fortune. Of course, the Olympics seemed to hold up their belief that the number 8 can bring good things. You have to give the idea some credit when the Olympics seemed to be so perfect that it was either your choice of happy circumstance or divine intervention.
But what does it mean now when China has to endure the horror of another earthquake at the time of this writing in the Sichuan province? Many of them are admitting to the media that they know how to play piano, and they’re not sure how they’re going to recover from this one when the first Sichuan quake that killed an astounding 70,000 people almost brought the people there to the breaking point. You have to feel for the people when China is so seismically active that it’ll probably just continue to happen in the immediate future. And it gives some question to the meaning of the number 8 for them when they still hold steadfast to the belief of the number’s good qualities.

Perhaps this will start some personal investigations by the people there into whether numerology really has any merit despite a lot of the numbers they’ve designated as lucky eerily holding up when you line them up with their history.To show you just how much the number 8 has meant for China, someone actually paid over a quarter of a million dollars once to take the phone number 8888-8888 (yes, they have eight digits there from our seven) as their own. Ironically, the number seven in China is our equivalent to how we view the metaphorical 6 (or 666) in Christianity. Seven for them is akin to opening the gates of hell and evil spirits having a field day at making everything and anything go wrong.

It kind of makes you wonder then if the numbers 7 and 8 need to be switched around there.Well, that probably won’t happen because of China’s adamant respect of their ancient traditions that won’t waver from numerology. Perhaps they’ll be able to justify horrible earthquakes happening in an 8 year based on a combination of numbers that they also believe can cause different situations. Adding that number 7 with an 8 would give the thought of evil spirits co-existing with good fortune-hence bring China’s legendary Yin amp; Yang concept to the fore.

In fact, you can add that concept to any time or country, including right here in America. No matter the differences of religion between China and America, there probably would be universal agreement that horrible things can happen concurrently with something good. The Olympics operate on those grounds every single time. We’ll hope that 2009 gives China some long-lasting peace for once. They’re probably expecting that, because the number 9 represents something good happening that lasts a long time. That might mean a lot of different things for the Chinese (both in the areas of the physical and the profound), even though they’ll have to expect that numbers won’t always tell every little detail of what could happen.

If they do that number combination to understand the loss of life in 2008, perhaps they’ll also consider the other meanings of 8 in the world. I’m sure it’s not lost on China that a sideways 8 has one of the most profound meanings of any number, especially during a time when there’s astounding loss of life: Infinity…